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Handcrafted Dried Preserved Natural Australian Native Plants Metal collection/Round. Antique gold pot. Ideal for a classy gift or to beautify your home. Arrangement volume measurements: XL size 67cmH x 48cmW.

Reasons to LOVE Australian native plants

1. They are wonderfully versatile

2. Unique regional varieties

3. Beautiful, vivid blooms

4. Wildlife friendly

5. Rich history: Indigenous Australians have used native plants for food and medicine for thousands of years. European Australians also found many uses for native flora.

Each arrangement is unique. There is only one-of-a-kind.

IMPORTANT: This is a natural and very delicate product. Handle with care.


$178.00 Regular Price
$106.80Sale Price
GST Included |
    • Keep out of direct sunlight
    • Place in a dry room
    • Style in a permanent spot
    • To remove dust: use a feather duster or hair dryer, cold and slow speed

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