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Meet MARIA Pinol-Camano | Best 1 of A Kind

Meet MARIA Pinol-Camano

In the middle of the difficulty lies the opportunity ... Albert Einstein

That is why in the difficult situation that we are all experiencing since Covid-19, I am looking for my opportunity ... Maria Pinol-Camano.


Now, working from home is the only option for many people and that is what I have had to consider keeping going.

Making flower arrangements with natural preserved flowers, in addition to a job is also a wonderful therapy, and the most gratifying thing is to think that the arrangements I make at my home will go to other homes to add colour, nature, and beauty. When I start working with one of my arrangements, I carefully choose the type of flowers, the colours, the pots, and vases, so that everything together has harmony, beauty, and elegance. I would like to explain that when I do the arrangements I never think of a particular design.


I start to do the work with a lot of inspiration - like the artists when they paint a picture - so the bouquets are exclusive and all different. Each arrangement is unique, there cannot be one the same. Although the pot or vase can be repeated the flowers will always look different, hence:



My greatest wish is that my flower arrangements reach many homes, and it will be a great satisfaction for me that many people can enjoy them.

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